Mushroom & Spring Psychedelia group show
April 21st - May 15th 

Participating Artists: 
Christian Applegate, Kikeyah Alina, Tyler Crich, Aya Danzig, Dairysam, Wayne Dean, Josh Emter, Melissa Fisher-Rozenberg, Marisa Fulper Estrada, Kaley Flowers, Matt Gazzola, Jesjit Gill, Ted Gudlat, Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, Mogumu, Alicia Nauta, Varvara Nedilska, Chaddy-Ann Newton, Aaron Rossner, Kaori Scriver, Seth ScriverKaren Thürler, and Jasmine Well.

Above image shows works by: Jesjit Gill, Marisa Fulper Estrada, Christian Applegate and Patrick Kyle

A Network of Fungal Threads by Patrick Kyle, mixed media on canvas, framed by artist, 2022

Mother Vase by Christian Applegate, glazed and marbleized stoneware, 2022

Above Photograph: Various works by Mogumu, Dairysam, Jasmine Well,
Kaori Scriver, Karen Thurler, Aya Danzig and
Ginette Lapalme

Floating ceramic mushroom jars by Kaley Flowers

When I Saw by Jasmine Well, marker, pen & ink on foamboard, 2022

Untitled oil pastel on linen by Kikeyah Alina, 2021

Untitled Flash Sheets by Josh Emter, marker and acrylic ink, 2022

Mushroom Psychedelia by Matt Gazzola, airbrushed and painted woodcut, 2022

Psylocybin Nancy by Varvara Nedilska, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2022

Garden Friend (1 & 2) by Marisa Fulper Estrada, acrylic and gouache on masonite, 2022
Caterpillar Plush also by Marisa Fulper Estrada, quilted fabric and stuffing, 2021

Mushroom Tea Light House by Dairysam, glazed ceramic, 2022

Phallus Impudicus (Edible) by Seth Scriver, airbrushed vest, 2022

From a Clod of Dirt, a Bumbear Sprouts Forth by Ginette Lapalme, speckled stoneware and porcelain, 2022
A selection of small ceramic mushrooms from Ginette Lapalme’s 100 Beautiful Mushrooms capsule vending machine project, 2022

Three untitled framed drawings by Mogumu, copic marker on paper, 2022

Beyond the Garden by Wayne Bruce, coloured ink, colouring pencils, crayons and markers on colorline paper, 2022
A selection of figurines also by Wayne Bruce, polymer clay, acrylic paint, rhinestones, 2022

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