Capsule Vending Machine Projects

#2 Put on a Happy Face for $4.00 by Ginette Lapalme
(August 2022 - ???) NEW

Hand Painted Wooden Brooches (and some adjustable rings) by Ginette Lapalme
Various sizes : Large circle, medium circle, small circle, large heart & small heart 
Various colours: Blue, green, yellow, red and pink
Every face has a unique expression, 247 faces combined below: 

#1 Beautiful Mushrooms for $4.00 by Ginette Lapalme
(May 2022 - July 2022) SOLD OUT

Per $4.00 capsule: One hand built ceramic figurine; made of speckled stoneware, white stoneware and/or porcelain, glazed or unglazed, series of 100. Every mushroom is unique!

85 Stand alone figures, 14 strung on waxed cord, and 1 with brooch finding.

Artist asks that you contact the gallery once you have named your mushroom. The names are being resgistered online here.

Send mushroom names to or DM through our instagram account

Above: small selection of the mushroom figurines.

#0 Gatchapon Art (Paper Stickers) by Lis Xu and Olea Kim
(March 2022 - April 2022) Retired

Per $2.00 capsule: 6 to 7 paper stickers depicting artwork from Gatchapon, a joint show of Lis Xu and Olea Kim’s paintings, March 2022