Toys and Novelty Group Show
December 1st - end of January

Participating Artists: 

Christian Applegate, DairySam, Diana VanderMeulen, Eunice Luk, Exclusive Pain, Ginette Lapalme, Hana Kim, Joan McClean, John McClean, Jonah Strub, Karen Thurler, Kendra Yee, Lora Nikolova, Marisa Fulper Estrada, Matt Gazzola, Mogumu, Olea Kim, Patrick Kyle, Phil Woollam, Seth Scriver, Sheila Smyth, Slo Toons, Ted Gudlat & Wenting Li

Mirror by Diana VanderMeulen, Little Rain Clouds by Lora Nikolova, reflection in the mirror by Ted Gudlat

My Little Gremlin by Karen Thurler (center), with Tree by Ginette Lapalme (top left corner) and Telephone as well as Casper Television by Slo Toons (top right corner and bottom right corner)

Close up of My Little Gremlin and Baby by Karen Thurler

Dog and rat, airbrushed on foamcore by Ted Gudlat
Winged red hanging figurine and blue perched figurine by Exclusive Pain
Brick wall sculpture by Matt Gazzola